Like many of us across the nation I am shocked and disgusted by the recent news of the abortion ban coming out of Alabama and Georgia. This legislation is draconian and nothing more than a power grab. I wish we could say that our current elected officials in Tallahassee understand just how dangerous this kind of legislation is. However in the 2019 session alone, 4 “heartbeat” bills were proposed in the Florida state house. And just last week FL Rep. Mike Hill announced that God told him to introduce an abortion ban in the 2020 Florida Legislative Session. The bill he will file will ban abortions and not provide for any exceptions due to incest, rape, or maternal health risks.

I believe that the access to safe abortion is a human right for women. These new laws seek to punish both doctors and patients in absurdly harsh ways,. In the case of Alabama, even charging as felons women who seek the procedure. Women across the country fought hard for these rights decades ago, leading to Roe v. Wade and safe access across the board.

I’m proud to be running on a campaign that unapologetically supports women’s health and reproductive justice. These bills are a way to overturn Roe v. Wade and to outlaw safe abortion nationwide. As we’ve seen in these states, elections like mine have consequences.

To help get the campaign message out please volunteer or donate. It’s important that we make sure that everyone in FL House District 38 exercises their right to vote on June 18th!