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First and foremost, I believe in love and compassion. I believe we need to return to a time when responsibility meant being responsible to and for your community and not just being responsible to and for yourself. I believe that elected officials are public servants who are responsible for bringing the community together. Most of our current elected officials have forgotten the people who elected them and are ignoring the voices of the voters.


I believe that poverty is the number one issue in Pasco County, followed in a close 2nd by the pace of development in Pasco County. Poverty impacts physical health, mental health, crime, and how children learn. We don’t need more jobs, we need better jobs. I believe in a living wage because no one working full time should be living in poverty. I will propose a minimum $15 per hour wage for Pasco County employees to set the example for employers in Pasco County.


Public Education should be Florida’s top priority. This includes early childhood education, K-12, college, trade schools, and other postsecondary education options. Our legislators have done a huge disservice to our public school system by trying to provide alternatives to high quality public education through the funding of charter and private schools with public money. We need to increase per pupil spending, pay teachers and support staff for the professional services they provide, and allow local school boards to set their property tax rates and control their own budget.

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