Do you have a plan to vote in the June 18th FL House District 38 special election? No? Let’s make one now!

Countdown to Election Day!








Click on how you plan to vote for more information and tips to consider to make sure your voice is heard! For more information on voting or the election please contact the Pasco County Supervisor of Elections (SOE) at 800-851-8754 or

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Vote on Election Day!

Okay, so voting on Election Day! Yay! Make sure to get to your polling place early! If you don’t know what your polling location is, head over to the SOE website here: and find your precinct!

Voting on Election Day will be at your assigned precinct location EXCEPT for voters in Precinct 007. Those voters will vote at Precinct 039, located at the Knights of Columbus Hall, 11549 Curley St, San Antonio, FL 33576.

Plan on getting there as early as you can! Talk to your supervisor at work and see if you can get some time off to go vote, or better yet – the whole day!!

Vote By Mail!

It is now TOO LATE TO MAIL YOUR “VOTE BY MAIL” BALLOT for it to arrive at the Supervisor of Elections Office by Tuesday. You have two options:

  • HAND DELIVER IT personally (or you can designate someone to deliver it for you) on Monday or Tuesday to any one of the three Supervisor of Elections offices (Dade City, Land O’Lakes or New Port Richey)
  • SURRENDER IT on Tuesday at your regular polling location where it will be voided. You will then be able to vote in person.

REMEMBER: You can check the status of your “Vote by Mail” Ballot or find your election day polling place at the Pasco Supervisor of Elections website.

Early Voting!

Early voting has ended. If you haven’t voted, make a plan to vote on Election Day, June 18!