Press Release Regarding School Vouchers

March 19, 2019
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Kelly Smith is running in the special election for Florida House District 38 in order to stand up for the working families of Pasco County. One of the most important issues of her campaign is the proper funding of public schools. Florida is far behind a significant amount of states in our funding and investment in public schools. Senate Bill 7070 would be a disastrous move towards defunding our already struggling school system.

“As a graduate of strong public schools myself, I’ve always been a passionate advocate for the quality of our schools and the treatment of our teachers.” said Smith. “These voucher bills and funding appropriations are a way to weaken our public schools in a ‘death by a thousands cuts’ strategy that will allow private and for profit charter schools to receive more funding and put more money in their donors pockets”

After years of “school choice” programs, we have seen that they are simply a way to weaken our public schools and their teachers, schools that overwhelmingly serve students of low-income backgrounds. As a mother of three school-age children adopted from the foster care program, Kelly understands just how important proper funding for programs and educators is.

“I understand the limitations of these programs, because of my son’s learning requirements our family is a recipient of the voucher program. For a working family the fees and transportation costs that come along with private schooling add up, even with tuition assistance” said Smith.
“I would love to have my son attend a public school that was able to meet his needs, unfortunately counselors and support staff are being cut down in our public system and his learning necessities aren’t being met there.”

Smith’s campaign is focused on representing the people of Pasco County in Tallahassee and ensuring that the programs and services that keep House District 38 running are properly funded, especially education.

“The effects of decades of pro-corporate graft in Tallahassee are being felt by the working men and women of this district, especially their children. While the representatives pushing these fake reforms will never feel the effects of these blatant cuts, the next generation of Florida will. If we want this great state to thrive, we have to make sure that every child is provided with a high quality education.”