Lots of people have been asking me what my next step would be after the midterm election. My family and I gave some thought to moving to Dade City (which I LOVE!) so I could run for County Commissioner again in 2020. But as I re-adjusted to the quieter pace of life of not campaigning for office I decided that what was best for us was for me to concentrate on political activism for a couple years and run for County Commissioner in 2022. Well, you know what they say, “(wo)man plans and God laughs”.

For almost 20 years, Florida has been controlled by the Republican Party and elected officials who collectively turned their backs on the daily needs and concerns of working class Floridians. Their irresponsibility has led to inadequate funding for vital community services — high quality public education, access to affordable health care, and programs for foster children. Putting special interests first, they have failed in their responsibility to enact legislation that protects affordable housing and encourages conservation of our already depleted natural resources. It is for these reasons and more I have decided to run in the special election for Florida House District 38.

Serving my community as an elected official is not something I ever thought I’d be interested in doing. However, after having spent over a year engaging with residents of Pasco County during my County Commissioner race, my desire to serve in this capacity is even stronger than ever. I earned 83,859 votes representing 40.5% of votes cast in the 2018 midterm election. I received more votes than any other Democratic candidate running countywide in Pasco County. I know that we can flip this seat and bring true representation to Tallahassee!

The Special Election will be quick and I’ll need all hands on deck to make this election a victory. Over the next few days I’ll be sharing more information on how you can support the campaign with petitions, postcards, door knocking, phone calling. And let’s not forget  everyone’s favorite — money! I’m going to have to raise a lot more money in a much shorter period of time to run an effective campaign.

Looking forward to the hard work ahead!